The Mansion on Delaware Date Night

Living in Buffalo for almost my whole life I have been able to witness how it has evolved in so many ways over the years.  We love all the changes our city has made, but we still want to embrace the rich history Buffalo has to offer.  The Mansion on Delaware is one of those places that has preserved it's beautiful old structure.  Built in the 1860s, we love the high ceilings, intricate detail, and charm the mansion offers.

We recently got the pleasure to stay downtown at The Mansion on Delaware to celebrate my 33rd birthday!  It was the perfect little get away for us, since I didn't want to be gone from the boys for too long, so we headed straight downtown as soon as Matt got out of work on Friday night and enjoyed the next 20 hours just the two of us. <3

The Mansion on Delaware is one of the few hotels we have visited in the states that make us feel like we are back in Europe.  Every little detail is accounted for.  Around the clock butler, chauffeur, happy hour drinks when you arrive, turn down service with chocolates, and the best European-style breakfast!
We love The Mansion on Delaware and we have stayed there multiple times in the past, so I was thrilled to team up with them and spend the night for my birthday weekend!  When we arrived happy hour was just starting with champagne tastings as well.  We grabbed a drink and the butler escorted us to our room, the Fireplace Premium Grand room on the second floor.  It was gorgeous.  The fireplace was already lit and everything felt so cozy!!

After happy hour, our chauffeur, Andre, drove us to the Dapper Goose for dinner.  Holy cow, it was amazing!  Matt ordered a burger, that literally melted in your mouth, and I tried some of their veggie small plates... the cauliflower plate was amazing!!!  I love going to restaurants where they make familiar dishes with different spices and extras that I would never think to do on my own!

Back at the mansion, we ran into some old friends, who were also spending the night away from their kids and we ended up talking for hours, waaay past my bedtime! :)  It was so much fun and definitely worth it!

Breakfast the next morning was amazing!  Eggs, cheese platter, pastries, fresh fruit, puddings, stuffed peppers. you name it!  Everything was amazing and I totally overate! LOL!  It was just sooo nice to enjoy a long meal without a small child tugging at your leg. :)

We  felt sooo refreshed after our little "staycation"!!!  I definitely think that every couple should make it a priority to do these special date overnights away from home!  I'm already thinking about what I want to do for our next overnight away from the kids... maybe for Matt's birthday this May!  Any suggestions? :)


  1. Gah! This sounds AMAZING! Now I just need to convince my husband to stay here for MY birthday! ;-)

    1. Yes, you have to go!!! Would you like me to speak with your husband!? ;-) ;-)

  2. The mansion looks beautiful! I want to stay there too!!!

  3. We’ve never stayed there before but it is definitely on our list! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh wow, I lived in Buffalo some years ago when we were first married and my hubby was in grad school at UB. We lived near Delaware Park and every day we'd walk the park and admire the beautiful old homes. Buffalo is such a great place and we miss living there. Thanks for the great post, and it's nice to hear so many good things happening there!

    1. Lori! That is amazing you actually lived in Buffalo!!! As much as the weather stinks here, we are in love with the friendly people and culture of Buffalo! I doubt we'll ever leave! <3


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