Family Guide to: SeaWorld Orlando

Matt and I both have really fond memories of visiting SeaWorld when we were young, so we were super excited to bring our kids there while we were visiting Orlando. Of course, to add to the excitement, we discovered that SeaWorld also has Sesame Street Land, which has become an obsession at our house since Charlie girl joined our family. Even the boys don’t mind watching Sesame Street and it’s soooo cute! 

In this post I’m going to share some of our favorite exhibits and what to expect before you arrive at Sea World:

Our “Must See/Do” at SeaWorld:

•Sesame Street Land: This exhibit was amazing for our kids’ ages (6, 4 & 1) and where we spent the majority of our afternoon. We loved meeting Elmo & Big bird, riding the mini roller coaster and train, and just walking along the street where all the buildings looked like Sesame Street! 

•Pacific Point Preserve: This was a huge highlight for our family! Watch and even FEED sea lions!! A tray of fish is only $6 and it is well worth every penny!

•Shark Encounter: Walk under a glass tunnel to see all kinds of sharks swimming all around you! 

•Manatee Rehabilitation Area: The manatees were just amazing to us! They are sooo big and we arrived just as they were eating dinner and it was so fun to see! 

•Jewel of the Sea Aquarium: The kids LOVED this colorful room walking on glass over the water! It was so fun to watch fish swim beneath our feet and walk around to smaller tanks with more sea life to discover! 

•Antarctica: Empire of the penguins: We loved seeing the penguins up close and everything really FELT like we were in Antarctica- including the temperature in the exhibit- it was freezing! I was thankful I had our rain jackets to wear inside the exhibit because we were all super cold! 

•Seven Seas Food Festival: You will see a variety of different ethnic food stands scattered throughout the park on the weekends (Friday - Sunday) now until May. We loved the Mediterranean and German vendors and thought everything was very reasonably priced! 

•Orca Encounter: Matt & I couldn’t wait to take the kids to the Orca show! It was amazing, and yes, we got soaked!! 

•Rides and Rollercoasters: We were surprised how many rides SeaWorld has! The kids rode a bunch of rides in Sesame Street Land, which was perfect for their age.  The other rides were just a little too big, even for Dylan. If Matt and I had come alone I bet we would have LOVED riding some of the rollercoasters!! 

What to expect: 

•Masks are required at all times for anyone over 2 years of age. 

•Expect a lot of walking! Bring a stroller if you can and wear comfy shoes to explore everything! 

•No outside food is permitted in the park. Learn from us! We didn’t realize and were told to throw everything out when we arrived!! Fortunately, there are a number of food stands and if you go on the weekend you can sample food from the Seven Seas Food Festival! 

•Be prepared to get wet! You may want to bring a change of clothes- or even swim suits, or your rain jacket!  There’s a great splash pad in Sesame Street land, rides where you may get wet and in the “soak zone” at the orca whale show! 

The best part about SeaWorld is that it suits ALL ages! I’m pretty sure Matt & I learned just as much as the kids! I just love mixing education with fun and our day certainly instilled a desire in our kids to learn more about sea life! I’m sure when we get home the kids will want to take out some books from the library about sharks and killer whales! We had such a wonderful day at SeaWorld making memories and learning about sea life! 


  1. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.


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