Hi!!  I'm Sarah from Buffalo, New York.  I am a follower of God, wife, mom, "retired" 3rd grade teacher; now a spin instructor and, of course, travel nut! My husband, Matt, and I have been married 14 years.  I'm pretty obsessed with him, even though he ropes me into all of his shenanigans! ;-)  We began traveling when we were first married, and now we are addicted!  We have 3 kids, Dylan (8 years) and Christopher (6 year) and Charlie (3 years) who we tote all around the world with us! So far Matt and I have traveled to 52 countries together, Dylan, 36 countries, Christopher, 24 and Charlie 5 countries. We average about 5 countries/trips per year.  We love to travel with our kids and I love sharing with others how it is TOTALLY doable!!!  In this blog, I hope to share the places we've been, how we did it, and tips for making travel easier, even with your kids!! 


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