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Top Ten Attractions in Hawaii with Kids

My parents always go to Hawaii for the month of March, so I decided this month to blog about OUR trip to Hawaii three years ago to visit them!  Fun fact: I was born in Oahu, Hawaii!!!  My parents moved there when they were first married and had my twin sister and I while they were living there!  (Oh yeah, another fun fact... I'm a TWIN!) :)

Hawaii was one of our first big trips with Dylan, when he was only 8 months and we were definitely novice family travelers!!!  Haha!  You should have seen my suitcase... it was packed to the brim with sooo many clothes, baby hats, shoes, diapers, wipes, sunblock, blankets, pacis, floats, even baby sunglasses!!! LOL!  I definitely went a little overboard and have learned to pack much less when we travel.  Worse comes to worst, you can always buy something if you need it because there are babies everywhere, even in Hawaii. :)
We stayed on Oahu in Kaneohe with my parents who were renting an apartment for the month - a condo in the exact same compl…

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