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Four Reasons You Will Love to Travel

Not long after we were married, we were headed to Florida on a cheap airline flight. Go figure, a few weeks before we were supposed to leave, our flight was canceled.  We started searching for last minute flights to Florida and they were $800 per ticket!  There was no way we would pay that much money for just Florida, so we started searching other places.  Then, we found a flight for the same price, $800 to fly last minute to London, England!  We ended up scrapping our Florida plans and flying to London (with a side trip to Paris) instead.  The trip was epic.  We celebrated our wedding anniversary in Paris and it was one of the most romantic, beautiful places I’ve ever seen.  We realized how easy it was to travel internationally, even last minute, and so began the addiction! Here are four reasons why we love to travel (and you should too!)

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