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How We Survived a Road Trip to Maine with Three Kids Ages 5 and Under

Adding Charlie to our family has officially outnumbered our kid to adult ratio, so we decided to test the waters in traveling with a road trip to Maine.To be honest, Charlie is such an easy baby and being baby number three, everything is pretty much second nature to us.Our real challenge is dealing with a two unpredictable toddlers while traveling with a baby! ;-)There are so many factors that can affect the behavior of a toddler- if they’ve had enough sleep, if they are getting enough attention or are bored, or hungry, etc.However, we deal with all these factors at home, so why not see some new places while we parent. ;-)

Driving vs. Flying I recently had a conversation with a friend about traveling with kids and our preference to take them by car or plane.Personally, I prefer flying over driving with kids.I like being able to get up and walk around (after takeoff), being able to use the bathroom without stopping travel time, getting a meal (and a glass of wine), watching endless mov…

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