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We were trying for a baby, but didn’t want to let the possibility of getting pregnant effect our decisions about travel… why live by “what ifs?”  So, we booked an amazing trip to Africa… safari, visiting two different sets of missionary families we supported, the works.  Sure enough, I did get pregnant… no big deal, though, right?  Wrong.  Malaria virus was very common in a few of the areas we were planning on going and our missionary friends basically told us it would be unwise to visit.  Being pregnant, I would not be able to take malaria pills, and if I contracted malaria, I could die, or could take the malaria antibiotic, but would miscarry.  It wasn’t worth the risk.  We were devastated.  So, to make up for canceling the trip (and losing some money we couldn’t get refunded) we decided to book Dubai instead.
 Dubai, we figured, would be different enough, like Africa, and we could still do a safari (a dessert safari!) and experience a significant culture change.  We decided to book …

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