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Brattleboro, Vermont

Brattleboro is about a 6 hour drive from Buffalo, New York.  We figured 6 hours is long enough to travel with three kids ages 5 and under. 
I’m going to section my posts for each place we visited in our Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine posts with the following highlights Eat, Sleep and Play sharing what restaurants we tried, where we slept and what activities we did. Eat: We walked around Brattleboro for a while before choosing a restaurant, mostly because we are a big family now and we have little kids so we want to make sure that we find a place that is somewhat loud and child/baby friendly.  We looked at Whetstone Stationon the water and seemed to have a great menu selection, however we were hungry and the wait was 45 minutes!We ended up at Superfresh Organic Cafe which was definitely right up our alley as far as an interesting food menu and it was more casual so that we didn’t feel bad having our kids with us.Both of our meals were amazing and we felt like the food was something we …

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