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Traveling in your First Trimester of Pregnancy

As many of you know, we unexpectedly got pregnant with baby #3 this past July.  Not that we didn’t want a #3, I just wasn’t sure if I was ready quite yet. ;-)  Of course, we had already prebooked two trips before knowing that we would be pregnant, and the first one, in Banff, Canada at 8 weeks pregnant.  By week 6 I was soooo sick.  Literally more sick than I’ve ever been; lying in bed all day, throwing up, completely repulsed by all food and really struggling to drink water, because, yes, water grossed me out too.  It was horrible.  Finally, I caved and started taking diclegis, a category A prescription that helps with morning sickness.  After a few days of having it my system, I was starting to feel a little more like myself and more confident that I would be able to travel.

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