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Welcome to the World Charlie! Baby #3 Birth Story

The Year of Surprises Everything about the past 9 months has been a series of surprises for our family.  First, finding out we were pregnant last July was a HUGE surprise for Matt and me.  We've always been big on planning out our life, and my third pregnancy completely changed everything.  From day one Matt has said that this baby was from God and he was MOST excited about it because it wasn't in our plan, so God must have had a reason for it.  Of course, the very next weekend, we decided that we should probably start looking for a bigger house... and ended up buying a house that same weekend (another big surprise as we weren't expecting to move for another year or so).  Then, we also decided to wait to find out the gender, which was the BIGGEST surprise of all.  After having two boys, you kind of just assume that you are only going to have boys. LOL!

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