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Family Travel to Mount Fuji

We had high hopes for visiting Mount Fuji.Matt has a thing for mountains and we’ve been unlucky quite a few times with bad weather ruining our view.To our disappointment, it was super cloudy when we arrived at our hotel at Mount Fuji and we never did see the full view of the mountain, even with Matt’s early wake-up call attempting to photograph Mount Fuji at sunrise.
We booked a super Japanese hotel, Shoji Mount Hotel, which we were excited to experience.The staff didn’t speak any English beside “hello”, “credit card”, and “breakfast”. LOL.Everything was so different.We had to remove our shoes as soon as we entered the building and wear these hard wooden sandals during our stay.Our room had a table on the floor with pillows and a closet “bunk” beds for the boys to sleep in.The hotel also had the common separate male/female public bathing areas which children are not permitted to use.

We loved this hotel because it was SO Japanese and also served dinner and breakfast (I can’t imagine w…

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