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Date Night: Romance Package at the Reikart House

Boutique Hotel: The Reikart House in Williamsville
Our life has been crazy the past few months, between moving and selling our house, DIYs: painting, ripping out carpet, taking down wallpaper, etc; pregnant sleepless nights, TODDLERS, spills & crumbs at every meal, unlimited laundry and dishes, the list goes on.And I know I’m not alone.We are all SO busy in every season of life.We all need a break at some point.
Why We Love a Staycation in our Very Own Town:
One thing I really appreciate about Matt is that he always pushes for these date overnights.He knows we both need time away to relax and feel refreshed so we can go home and be better parents- parents who aren’t burnt out from the daily grind of life.
The Reikart House gave us exactly that.We dropped the boys off at their grandparents’ and drove the 2.5 miles from our home to the gorgeous Reikart House.Sometimes “travel” for us means just getting out of our own home and sleeping someplace different. Away from the laundry, the d…

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