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Q&A about traveling during the COVID pandemic

Last week we left the SNOW and isolation of our home in Buffalo and took a little road trip down south for some fresh air and sunshine.  While we were away and since we've been home, we've been getting a lot of questions about traveling during COVID, so I've compiled a list with our answers!

Where did you stay? We stayed in Mytrle Beach, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Greensville, South Carolina & Charleston, West Virginia.

Did you find good deals on Airbnb and hotels? Unfortunately, no... the rates were not as low as we would have liked.  I imagine our Airbnb was a tad cheaper than usual rates, but we still paid about $230 a night and hotel prices were around $150.  We did ask one hotel about it and they said they were trying to maintain the integrity of their value by freezing their prices.  The unfortunate thing was that all amenities were closed including complimentary happy hours, buffet breakfasts and the hotel pools
How did you use precautions to protect yourse…

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