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The Westin Buffalo: Couples' Staycation Overnight

If you are in the same season of life as us, you would agree that it is REALLY hard to have meaningful conversations and spend quality time with your spouse and friends.  I see my friends a lot- at the gym, birthday parties, the park, playdates... however with our kids around, it is almost impossible to even get in a two minute conversation in!

Matt and I were fortunate to have 5 years together before we had our boys.  I remember those days now and laugh!!  A few times a week, we would go out with our friends and be gone for hours without worrying about a babysitter on the clock.  Every year we would plan a trip with our friends who also didn't have children... whether it was a cruise, renting a summer house on the beach, or going camping together.  Boy have things changed now!! ;-)

I know everyone is busy now and it is a lot of work to leave our kids and coordinate someone to watch them and do everything.  It would be pretty much impossible for us to plan an adults only cruise or r…

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