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Summer and Water Safety

Moving into a new house with an in-ground pool with our three kids ages four and under has caused me some serious anxiety.  It's funny because we travel all around the world and that doesn't bother me at all, but there is something about owning a pool that makes me so nervous!  Matt and I decided swim lessons were a must to help teach our little ones the skills they would need to know for water safety.  I've always said, I don't care if they can shoot a basket or catch a ball, but they HAVE to learn how to swim.  It's a life skill.

I would love it if both boys could learn how to actually swim this summer, but if not, I want them to know what survival skills will help them stay safe around water.  So, we enrolled the boys in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. 

Both boys started in beginner groups, Dylan was in a Junior 1 and Christopher was in Mini 2, a group lesson he took with Matt to feel more acclimated with the water. 

Let's talk about Christopher for a …

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