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Matt really wanted to visit Luxembourg (a country I never even heard of ten years ago) because his dad went there on business when Matt was little.He remembered his dad telling him some fun stories about the country, so he wanted to take our family there too!

Here are some fun facts about Luxembourg: 1. Built all around hills and valleys with a cute stream running through, Luxembourg is so beautiful to look at and a great place to get really amazing travel photos with all the old buildings.(However, if you plan on bringing a stroller, be prepared to walk up a lot of hills and carry it up some stairs.)
2. The richest country in all of Europe, (2nd in the world behind Qatar) so if you like seeing fancy cars, Luxembourg is your place! 3. Super compact city center making it easy to explore, although it is also unique in its layout because of the hills and river running through it.Luxembourg was so different from the typical “grid” city structure and we loved winding up, down and all around th…

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