How to get the perfect instagramable travel photos using flytographer

People ask us how we get our photos when we travel and honestly, it is SUCH a struggle whenever we try to get a whole family photo.  It’s seriously dumb luck if we can actually get a good one because we normally have to ask another tourist at the site.  It is always a gamble whether the picture will even turn out when asking a random stranger to take it for us, it’s definitely not ideal. 

Which leads me to our trip to France last week: I was so excited about traveling to Paris, arguably the most popular tourist destination in the world, and I really wanted to make sure we got a good family photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.  Only a few weeks before we left, I discovered Flytographer on Instagram!  

Flytographer: What is it?

Flytographer is an international photographer booking agency that connects you to amazing photographers in 380+ cities around the world to capture all your vacation memories.  This way, you don’t have to worry about begging some amateur tourist to take your family photo; flytographer does all the work for you!

I was excited to learn that there are a number of photographers based in Paris and I can now personally attest that it was the best experience to capture our family in Paris. 

How to book a Flytographer: 

Booking a Flytographer was easy: I was able to choose which photographer’s style I liked based off of their portfolio on the Flytographer website.  Next, using different options offered on their website, I picked out the locations and route for the photos, and how long I wanted the photoshoot to last.  Deciding the route was easy because, from example photos I viewed on the Flytographer website, I could easily pick which location of the the Eiffel Tower I loved best.  After I was connected to our photographer, Kirill, he and I began messaging about the type of photo ideas I liked and we even discussed doing an outfit change during the shoot.  It was so easy to communicate with him! 

Our Eiffel Tower hour long photoshoot experience was AMAZING! Kirill knew all the kids by name before we arrived and immediately clicked with each one of them which made the whole experience so enjoyable for our kids as well. He took us directly to all the best scenic spots, completely taking all the guess work out of it, and knew exactly how to position us to get the picture perfect photo. We were so impressed by his knowledge of photography and his ability to work with young families like ours. 

Suggestions from what we learned working with Flytographer 

If you are looking to book your own flytographer here are a few suggestions we have so that you can get the best photos possible:

•Book at the golden hour (either sunrise or sunset). Due to scheduling conflicts and only being in Paris for one day, we had to book a little bit later in the morning (10:15am) and already by that time some of the lighting was too harsh. The best pictures are always at the golden hour! 

•Coordinate your outfits! I’m so glad I looked on Pinterest beforehand to get color scheme ideas for our photos! 

•Don’t be afraid to talk to your photographer about what you want! In hindsight I wish I asked for more family shots, as much as I LOVE the individual shots of the kids, Matt and I probably didn’t need as many photos of just the two of us, and certainly not by ourselves! But our photographer can’t read our minds, I should have just said something! 

Save Money on Flytographer! 

I am so excited to share my discount code with you for $50 off your flytographer booking valid for the rest of the year! Use SARAHCTRAVELS50  toward the booking of a gift card to use for both vacation shoots as well as local, hometown shoots.


  1. This is so helpful! Your pictures are incredible. I want to look into using them in Switzerland and Kenya. Thank you for sharing your code!

    1. I would love to see your Kenya pictures!!


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