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Family Travel Guide to Egypt

It’s been a dream of ours to go to Egypt- we’ve almost gone twice now and then chickened out. But after doing our research, we felt confident that now was the time go!  Some things you should know about Egypt in general: You can’t drink the water Traffic is insane  Expect to be followed and bothered by EVERYONE Tips are expected for literally everything  Egypt is dirty  Most people do speak English  Playing it Safe Traveling to Egypt would have looked a lot different if we didn’t have our kids with us, but because we did, we knew we should “play it safe”. That meant using the hotel to pick us up from the airport instead of hailing a cab, taking private tours to visit each site, and not leaving the hotel grounds at night to go exploring. Travel this way isn’t normally our style, but for Egypt, we were willing to make the sacrifice. What to do: We visited two cities in Egypt: Cairo (3 nights) and Luxor (4 nights).    If we had more time, we would have either ta

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