Holiday in the Village of Williamsville

Today Matt and I took the boys to the Village of Williamsville, in New York, for the most adorable Christmas event!  Our first stop, Village Artisans for a stocking to take around to 30+ merchants in the town for special treats and crafts!  It was so cute and we love how practically the whole village joined in this sweet event for our kids!

Some of our favorite stops were the Irishman Pub for the cutest little Santa craft and Share Kitchen & Bar's food truck for some yummy coffee (money donated went toward needy families in Buffalo and a toy drive!).  The best part: seeing Santa, of course, at Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream Shop right in the historical Williamsville Water Mill.  Dylan wasn't so sure about Santa at first, but as soon as Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he started rambling his list: the "little" Paw Patrol pups and Jackson Storm from "Cars 3".  Lol!  Christopher, on the other hand, wasn't having it... I mean come on, when you are one and your mom makes you sit on some big old man with a white beard, you really should be scared.  #strangerdanger haha!
To make up for the Santa scare, Matt bought some AMAZING eggnog homemade ice cream in the shop.  We LOVE Sweet Jenny's ice cream and will use any excuse to get some, even in the winter! :)

Thank you Williamsville Business Association for a fantastic family day!!  <3



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  1. Just one of the many reasons why I love Williamsville!

  2. Love the post, thanks for sharing!

  3. SO fun!! And what a neat idea! It's like trick or treating at Christmas time! I love that the coffee shop donated to the needy families - so sweet. And that eggnog homemade ice cream sounds amazing!!!

    1. Yes, so amazing! I am so thankful for that sweet little town! <3


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