Versailles is a quick 30 minute train ride from Paris and a popular tourist destination to view the elaborate palace and gardens.  Every other palace in the world compares itself to Versailles and it really is over the top in every way.  In fact, building Versailles was one of the main causes of the French Revolution, as it completely bankrupted the entire country.
Walking through the palace, seeing all the elaborate decorations is definitely worth a visit.   The highlight for us was the hall of mirrors, one of the first places that decorated with full length mirrors and where the Treaty of Versailles (which ended WW1) was signed.  Versaille is also a popular destination to walk through the never ending gardens.

We arrived at Versailles by car late in the afternoon and didn’t spend too much time (it closes at 6pm), although you could spend all day, if that is your thing.  It was easy for us to find street parking, although not easy to figure out the parking kiosk and fortunately, we didn’t get a ticket. ;-)  We missed all the lines, bought our tickets, went through the palace- holding Charlie, as strollers are not allowed- and then picked up the stroller to enter the garden.  There are plenty of places to purchase food and drinks in the garden, so it was fun to sit and enjoy coffee and a croissant before we drove into Paris.

In total, we spent about 2 hours and I feel like that was more than enough time for us to get a good glimpse of Versailles.  If you are planning to visit from Paris, I would recommend carving out a morning or afternoon for the trip.  You will be delighted and amazed by all the grandeur.  


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