Hiking in Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Matt was so excited to go to Mount Washington for some family hikes and scenery.  The temperature was significantly colder, so we “bundled” up for some family fun “hikes” in the woods!

Sleep: We booked the Glen House Inn, which had the most fantastic view!  Since there isn’t much around, we ended up eating dinner there to soak up the mountains view, watching the sunset while we ate.  The boys loved swimming in the pool and it was nice to walk right outside our hotel to start a trail hike. 
Play: Hiking is the number one attraction for the area, however, the Glen House Inn is not far from Story Land which we’ve heard is very well done and perfect for kids ages 3 – 8! 


  1. Hiking with kids is the best way to spend family time.

    1. I was never big about hiking but you are sooo right! And the kids absolutely LOVE it!

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