Legoland Orlando

Recently, our kids have really taken an interest in building legos and they were begging us for a new set. Naturally, Matt bribed them to not speak any potty talk for two weeks straight before our trip to Florida and then he’d buy them the set AT Legoland. It worked! Who ever said bribery is bad for kids? I mean, we all work harder for bribes, or should I call them “incentives”? Don’t adults work harder when they know that bonus is coming up? Or trying to make more sales to win “trip”? We all do it and the best part is that now our kids don’t talk about poop all the time, so I’m pretty pleased about it. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Beyond our new Super Mario lego set (which is less expensive there than at Target) our day at Legoland was AMAZING!!

I am so honored/thankful that Legoland hosted our day at the park. It was by far the entire family’s favorite day in Florida and we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know for when you visit!! 


We decided to stay right at the Legoland Hotel for two nights with our day at the park sandwiched right in the middle. The hotel completely catered to kids and everything Lego. There were legos to build everywhere and even in our hotel room.  Our room had a treasure hunt where you solve riddles that led to a treasure chest with new lego presents, juice boxes, etc. The kids LOVED all the lego decorations in our room and fell asleep watching Lego movies in their bunk beds. Matt and I liked the room because kids and parents sleep in different sections! ๐Ÿ˜† A yummy family style breakfast was included in our stay, as well as a master lego building class you can attend and learn how to make a really cool lego set that you get to keep! Also, there was the perfect zero depth pool outside with a huge water slide and, of course, floating legos!! Legoland hotel was by far our kids’ favorite hotel at which we’ve ever stayed. 

Legoland Park:

The park opens 10am - 5pm.  We were so thankful it closes at dusk so we didn’t feel pressured to pull a late night on the grounds. The park is PERFECT for our kids’ ages (6yrs, 4yrs, & 1yr). 

Here’s what you should know before visiting Legoland: 

•Expect that you may not get everything done in one day. The park is big and there are a ton of rides everywhere! We were surprised at how many sections we didn’t even get to and we never waited more than 5 minutes in line for a ride. There is just so much to do!! 

•Legoland has a water park!! We, unfortunately, didn’t have time to visit, but if it’s extra hot when you go, don’t forget your suits for that option!

•Kids under 8 years do not need to wear masks the entire time they are there!! Adults and kids over 8 years are only required to wear masks on the rides or when inside.  So if you are comfortable walking outside without a mask on, you are free to do so. Of course some people prefer to wear masks the entire time and we definitely saw some families doing that too!  Most everything is outdoors and socially distanced, so it felt very safe to us. 

•They do check temperatures when you arrive, but they won’t point the thermometer at your forehead, instead they check your wrist. I LOVE that! I still remember the first time since covid taking Christopher to the zoo and he almost lost it when they pointed the thermometer at his head thinking they were trying to shoot him! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

•Live shows by the water is a must! My kids looooved the live shows and were very impressed by the water skier entertainers!

•You are permitted to bring your own food if you want- however we did buy lunch at the park and it wasn’t expensive at all. 

•Don’t forget sunscreen! We were in the sun quite a bit and even though we didn’t do the water park, I’m glad we all had some on us! 

•Legoland accommodates all ages and heights! I love how right next to big kid rollercoasters there are little toddler play areas and rides appropriate for smaller riders. With Dylan being above average height for his age and Christopher being under, we would have to split up at times. It was nice to all be in the same area when we did! 

•Plan to buy a lego set before you leave!! Legoland only fueled our kids’ love for legos and who can say no to something that will encourage your child to think critically, imagine, build, & create!? We noticed prices at the gift shop were better than what we would pay at home so I would definitely recommend purchasing a lego set before you leave Legoland!!

We can not say enough good things about Legoland and would highly recommend visiting on your next trip to Florida!!! 


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