Five parks your kids will love in Manhattan

It’s funny, back in 2007 when Matt and I started dated, we had no idea that most of these parks we frequented as a young kid-less couple, would be so amazing for our kids to visit one day! I just love bringing them back to some of my favorite places and finding so much fun for our kids to enjoy while we reminisce our early dating days in our favorite city.

 Here are 5 parks your kids will love right in Manhattan!! 

1. Washington Square Park- We just love this area and the Ninja Warrior style playground is soo much fun for kids of all ages. Best part, there are public restrooms right next to the playground!

2. Madison Square Park: Although this park may appear “old school” my kids have literally spent hours playing on the playground! The last time we came the splash pad next to it was running too! I just love the city scenery at this park and it’s right next to the flat iron too!! The kids favorite part: right across the street there’s a dip and dots ice cream shop!

3. Bryant Park: This park is a must see regardless of having kids, but they have an adorable kids creative corner during the months of May-September and even a merry-go-round!!

4. High Line Park: No playground here but this above the city walking path is the perfect place for your kids to run wild without fear of cars! It’s also really fun to visit at sunset for some great views between buildings! 

5. Central Park: What isn’t there to say about Central Park, it is a must-see in NYC with beautiful lakes, rock formations, multiple playgrounds and even a mini zoo! 

15 years ago, we never would have imagined that where it all started would also become one of our kids favorite places to visit, but NYC won their affection as well as ours!!! There truly is so much in the city that caters to children and our kids absolutely love our trips to NYC!


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