Bootleg Bucha on the West Side of Buffalo

I am so excited to share with you one of our favorite up and coming areas on the West Side of Buffalo!!!  I'm a little biased because it was my old stomping ground back in my college days...  I used to live on Lafayette right between Niagara and Grant and I have vivid memories of running along Niagara Street and seeing very little action.... however, now Niagara Street is a popular stop for anyone!  We frequently see party buses parked along the street and people our age hanging out!  You should definitely venture over to Niagara,  especially if you are interested in beer (go to Resurgence Brewing Company), yoga (go to Love in Motion Yoga), or my favorite.... kombucha at Bootleg Bucha!!!

Some of you probably don't even know what kombucha is: it's a fermented tea that's really good for your gut, helping to fight the candida in your body... not to mention a ton of other benefits like helping your mood and keeping a clear mind!  When Matt and I first got married, he used to brew kombucha tea because we wanted to reap all those benefits, but it takes about month from start to finish for the whole process and we sort of dropped the ball with it after we had kids.

We were so excited to discover Bootleg Bucha right on Niagara Street with all the kombucha you can drink in so many flavors my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Matt and I had the pleasure of visiting Bootleg Bucha with our friends after our Couples Staycation at The Westin Buffalo and it was just a short drive from the Westin Buffalo on Delaware.  We got to talk with co-owner, Todd Salansky, about Bootleg Bucha and sample all their amazing flavors.  Everything was so yummy, but my favorite was by far the "sunburn", a mixture of pineapple, Thai chili peppers, lemon and lime!  We talked all about different flavors and Todd filled us in on the next big summer trend... kombucha cocktails!!!  Take away all those sugary mixers and substitute kombucha for a gut-happy cocktail.  I think this would be an AMAZING idea for a wedding reception if you are are at all "granola"! ;)

Todd also gave us a tour of the place and showed us the whole brewing process.  Holy cow, the supplies they use to produce this stuff is impressive!  Matt loved every minute of it especially because of our home brewing days!    From brewing, to fermenting, to bottling, they have a great system in place to make the best kombucha I've ever tasted... (no offense Matt) ;-)

The new up and coming drink is HempBucha... Kombucha made with hemp.  This stuff has been a huge hit in Buffalo.  Literally.  Their first batch back on April 20th sold out in 3 hours and the second batch sold out in 24 hours!!  Amazing!!  You literally had to pre-order it if you wanted a chance to try it!

We love supporting Buffalo businesses and were soooo impressed with everything we saw at Bootleg Bucha... it is definitely worth a visit... but if you don't have time to drive out to Niagara Street, Bootleg Bucha is also available at any of these retailers!!!!


  1. Such a cool place! I’ll have to check it out on my next trip to the Finger Lakes!


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