Brattleboro, Vermont

Brattleboro is about a 6 hour drive from Buffalo, New York.  We figured 6 hours is long enough to travel with three kids ages 5 and under.

I’m going to section my posts for each place we visited in our Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine posts with the following highlights Eat, Sleep and Play sharing what restaurants we tried, where we slept and what activities we did.
Eat: We walked around Brattleboro for a while before choosing a restaurant, mostly because we are a big family now and we have little kids so we want to make sure that we find a place that is somewhat loud and child/baby friendly.  We looked at Whetstone Stationon the water and seemed to have a great menu selection, however we were hungry and the wait was 45 minutes!  We ended up at Superfresh Organic Cafe which was definitely right up our alley as far as an interesting food menu and it was more casual so that we didn’t feel bad having our kids with us.  Both of our meals were amazing and we felt like the food was something we wouldn’t be able to easily find in Buffalo, it definitely felt like Vermont. J
Sleep:  Matt booked a Holiday Inn, which is so out of character for him and we almost immediately regretted staying there upon arrival.  Of course the Holiday Inn is perfect for young families… we had a big room with two huge beds, a “living area” where Matt and I hung out after the kids went to sleep; there was an indoor pool, which the boys LOVED; and a continental breakfast with plenty of options that appealed to our kids.  We don’t typically like chain hotels such as the Holiday Inn because they lack character and charm- I guess we ’ve been spoiled traveling so much that staying at a standard box hotel just doesn’t do it for us.  We do spend more time in our hotel room having small children, since we generally get back to our rooms a little earlier, so it’s nice to stay somewhere a little nicer. 
Also, the Holiday Inn is about 2 miles outside of town, we usually like staying in a town/city center.  We decided to walk to town for dinner.  However I was disappointed to find that there were some sections on our walk that didn’t have  sidewalks, so we had to walk along the side of the road, which wasn’t ideal with our stroller and wagon. 
Play: Does the Farmer’s Market count as “Play”?  We LOVE farmer’s Markets, so we were super excited about visiting Brattleboro for their well-known market: Brattleboro Market.  Unfortunately, we arrived too late and completely missed it.  We were super disappointed, but still checked out that area.  There was an adorable old covered bridge and a playground for the boys that they enjoyed.  We were able to find another market: PutneyFarmer’s Market.  It was sooo fun to see, live music, fresh produce, AMAZING raw cheese, even a cute little “fairy market” creation station where the boys had so much fun crafting their own fairy marketplace. 


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