Eating Lobster and Playing on Sand Beaches in Kennebunkport, Maine

 Our first impression of Maine was in Kennebunkport and I have to say the town perfectly fit our expectations for what Maine would look like!  Kennebunkport is where the Bush family vacations and it is no wonder because it is so quaint and lovely there!

Sleep: We stayed at Colony Hotel and it literally fit all the criteria for what we wanted in a hotel: family friendly, spacious room, great view of the ocean, pool, beach access, walkable to town, and breakfast included.  I think the boys liked this hotel the best because the pool was AMAZING and they loved being able to switch between the pool and beach to swim and play.  Matt and I loved it as well and the sunset over the water in the evening was spectacular!
Eat: Matt was on a  mission to eat lobster our first night in Maine and we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to taste it!  It’s always a little more difficult to go out to eat with 3 small children.  Of course, we want to pick a place where we don’t stick out too much so we have to avoid the super romantic spots ;-) but we do still want good food and a nice atmosphere for ourselves as well.  We really wanted to eat outside because it was such a nice night.  We ended up eating at Mabel's Lobster Claw.  It was perfect.  Matt order a lobster and the boys were awestruck watching him eat it and the waitress even brought out a live lobster for the boys to see.  It was so cute and I was proud of the boys for tasting it!
We sat on their front patio which is right along the street but they had clear screens that came down so we didn’t worry about the boys escaping into the street.  I did need to change Charlie’s diaper at one point and they don’t have changing tables in the bathroom so I ended up doing it outside the restaurant on a bench.  The restaurant hostess was so sweet and came out with me to wipe off the bench with a towel because it was wet from a little rain earlier. 

Play: I would say the number one thing to do in Kennebunkport is the beach!  The boys had so much fun running around in the water, building sand mud cakes, looking for hermit crabs and climbing on rocks along the water.  It was perfect for them and Matt and I enjoyed the sunshine with beautiful views and seeing our kids so happy made it all worth it. 

Kennebunkport was super quaint (for us old folks, lol) AND a ton of fun for the kids between the sand beaches and perfect kid-friendly hotel! 


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