Family Getaway at Gaylord Rockies Resort in Denver, Colorado

It’s been so interesting to see how our style of travel has changed as our kids get older. I remember when Dylan was just a young toddler and Christopher was a baby and we would travel around Europe with them sitting in the stroller all day while we explored old cathedrals & visited museums. We would walk by a playground and divert their attention so they couldn’t see it, because we didn’t want to waste our exploring time on a playground. 🙈  Now that we have more kids, and they are older with more energy to burn, we’ve had to tweak our style of travel to be more kid friendly.  I have to say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both types of travel... they are just different. 

When planning our trip to Colorado, we wanted make the trip special for our kids and easy for us.  Our flight was going to arrive late into Denver so we wanted to find a place close to the airport.  We also knew our kids may be tired from our travel day so we decided to plan that first day in Colorado to relax and hang around the hotel.  We stayed (hosted) at Gaylord Rockies Resort and it really is the perfect, easy place for families! 

Here are some of our favorite kid-centered activities that are offered at Gaylord Rockies which made our stay so special for the kids... and us!!

  • Swim in one of the numerous WARM indoor and outdoor pools! Life-vests are provided for non swimmers (so don’t bother packing your puddle jumpers) and life guards are present and actively watching your littles! In fact, a life guard jumped in after Christopher (3 years old) when they saw his little head bobbing as he was slowly making his way back to the side of the pool. I was right there on the edge near him watching the whole thing, and I knew he was going to make it, but it was sooo reassuring that the lifeguard saw his little head and didn’t think twice to react and jump in after him.  I love that.  “Better to be safe than sorry.” I was very impressed with the safety precautions Gaylord Rockies took to make sure our kids were safe in the water. 
  • Take an inner tube ride along the resort’s lazy river. The lazy river was definitely our favorite water activity because it was something that our whole family could do together! Both Christopher and Dylan could swim with a tube alone and Charlie sat on my lap while we moseyed our way along. It was just so lovely and the water was warm and it was fun to all be together as a family!
  • Zip down one of the three water slides at Gaylord Rockies! Our kids were too little to do the big water slide, but there was a perfect sized water slide right outside going into the main pool that both Dylan and Christopher could use and it was so fun to watch them sliding into the water over and over again! We were super impressed to see even Christopher going down the slide and swimming to the side of the pool by himself! 
  • Rent a cabana for the day. The cabana was amazing and we would highly recommend this for anyone staying at the resort! It was definitely our favorite add on to our pool experience because it was a covered area just for us with a couch and chairs to give us all a break from the sun, but there were also lounge chairs right outside to lay on in the sun. The cabana had a TV, outlets to charge our phones and tablets, a refrigerator with spiked drinks & water included, and a butler who brought us fresh fruit as well as anything else we wanted to order off the pool menu. It was heaven. So convenient and easy for us since we wanted to be at the pool all day but knew Charlie would need a place to nap and we’d want the littles to have a break from the sun... we could just go back to the cabana to relax. 
  • Play mini golf on the resort premises. Believe it or not, we’ve never taken our kids to play mini golf so we jumped at the opportunity when we saw that it was offered at the hotel! We definitely didn’t keep score and Charlie kept “messing up” Dylan shots, (oops!) but it was so much fun for the kids- and us- to do some thing that we normally don’t do! If your kids are older, Gaylord Rockies also has basketball & tennis courts, frisbee golf, and a number of lawn games as well!
  • Get creative in the resort’s arts and craft room! Our kids were so excited to paint and draw pictures, and it was the perfect little break from the sun after a morning by the pool! In fact, afterward, Dylan kept asking to go back and draw some more because he had so much fun!
  • Learn about different wildlife on the resort! Unfortunately we weren’t visiting over the weekend, so this is something we missed, and I’m so disappointed because I know that our kids would have definitely loved to see and learn about all the wildlife the resort brings in for the kids to see!

How the hotel is dealing with the covid pandemic:

Of course the big question that everyone is asking these days is how we can be sure to stay safe while traveling during the Covid pandemic. Here are some precautions the hotel is taking to ensure that their guests are safe. First, everyone is required to wear a mask the entire time you are on hotel property, including outdoors. Even in the pool area, unless you’re swimming or sitting in your lounge chair, you’re required to wear a mask. I have to say, seeing people wearing masks made me feel so much safer because I knew that we were being protected from the spread of any germs if someone happen to be contagious and didn’t realize it.  Of course, once we were inside our hotel room we could remove our masks and I have to say that even the kids got used to putting a mask on as soon as we left our room.

The hotel also requires guests to reserve their pool times either in the morning or the afternoon with an hour break in between so that the hotel staff can clean and disinfect everything. It was nice to know that the pool wouldn’t be too crowded and we were able to maintain social distance while at the pool!  At the lazy river, each tube is disinfected before the next use, which I really loved to see!  It’s so reassuring to see staff walking around disinfecting handles and railings so that we can make sure that everything we touch is safe and clean! 

I have to say, despite the change in our style of travel, Matt and I had just as much fun, if not more, seeing our kids so happy and giving them opportunities to do things that we normally wouldn’t do back home! It was so nice that everything at Gaylord Rockies was so easy and accessible for us and we could truly enjoy our first days as a family in Colorado!! 


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