Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you know that we are on a road trip from New York to Texas! Our first stop was Indianapolis and before continuing our drive, we decided to spend the morning at the well-known Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (hosted).  The kids were so excited when we told them there would be dinosaurs at the museum, Dylan nearly fainted. 🥰 

A few things you should know before visiting the museum:

  1. It is highly encouraged that you buy tickets in advance, especially during spring break, as the museum is still at limited capacity.
  2. When you arrive, there is a parking ramp next to the museum and sky walk which leads you right into the museum. Parking is FREE! 👏🏻
  3. All guests ages 2+ are required to wear a mask, except in the food court while eating. They provide a bunch of resources preparing your child for their visit that you can find here.
  4. Exhibits are indoors AND outdoors (though October 31), so dress accordingly. 

Our three favorite special exhibits at the museum were: SUE Meets Bucky, DC Super Heroes™: Discover Your Superpowers, and Dora & Diego- Let’s Explore! 

SUE Meets Bucky: (Open through July 25). We are obsessed with dinosaurs, so the kids were very excited to see a cast of the T-Rex SUE. There was guide at the exhibit who shared so much information and answered both Dylan and Christopher’s dinosaur questions.

DC Super Heroes™: Discover Your Superpowers: (Open through September 26).  This interactive exhibit was fun for everyone. Let’s just say we solved a LOT of riddles and fought crime today! 😉 The boys loved it!

Dora and Diego—Let’s Explore: (Open through July 25). This was Charlie’s favorite exhibit. It really was perfect for a young toddler and it is full of a lot of fine motor manipulative play for them to interact with. Charlie didn’t want to leave! 🥰 

I’m so glad we filled up our morning with so much fun before we were back on the road again to head to our next stop... St. Louis, Missouri!! 

*Hosted, all opinions are our own. 💓


  1. Definitely want to check this out next time we’re there! Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Looks like a great place! Do they have reciprocity with other science museums?

    1. That’s a great question! Let me find out and get back to you!

  3. Wow, looks like a fun night lace for any age!

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