Luxury Hotel Highlight: New Orleans Travel with Kids at the Windsor Court Hotel

Have you ever heard the saying: “Vacation with kids is just being a parent in a different location”?  Yes, on vacation we still have to change diapers, kiss boo boos and tuck them in at night; but what if I told you that your hotel experience could truly make your family vacation so much easier? That’s exactly how we felt staying at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. 

New Orleans doesn’t feel like your typical American city. The architecture, music, unique foods and energy made us feel like we were traveling in some other vibrant country. Windsor Court Hotel feels like that too. It reminds us of one of those boutique hotels we’d stay at in Europe.  At first glance, you’ll notice the British influenced interior decorating and design throughout the hotel. Gorgeous paintings on every wall, chandeliers, vintage rugs, fresh flowers; luxury and charm in every corner. And of course, throughout the hotel you’ll see lots of Windsor castle references, where Prince Harry and Megan Markle got married.  Truly, a boutique hotel at its finest. 

Checking the boxes:

Now I bet you are all wondering how Windsor Court Hotel made our job as parents easier, right? First, let’s start with our room. We chose a premium suite with a king sized bed. This room checked all the boxes for our family. It was spacious, 800 square feet, so that we didn’t feel like we were on top of each other. The living area had a sofa bed for the kids to sleep and french doors that separated the living space from the master bedroom.  We had a dining area for the kids to enjoy a snack and a refrigerator to store milk overnight. The bathroom included three separate separate areas including a dressing area, shower and toilet area and sink area. Pocket doors separated each area, so we found that having that extra enclosed space was the perfect toddler sleeping spot.  Charlie, our two year old, snuggled right up in her KidCo Peapod Sleep Tent right there is one of the bathroom enclosed areas. It was dark, quiet and perfect for her to get her rest while the rest of us stayed up much later. 

An always welcome added bonus.. the view!!  From our suite, we could see the hotel’s rooftop pool, the city’s aquarium, casino and even the Mississippi River. 

It’s the little things: 

What made our experience so much easier than being home? It’s the little things. The things we normally would do without even thinking much about it. Cooking dinner, making our bed, cleaning, changing the laundry, etc. At Windsor Court Hotel, EVERYTHING is done for you. Your room is cleaned, beds made and turned down in the evenings, cookies & chocolates left at your nightstand, towels are changed, room service and high quality meals are provided at The Grill Room (their onsite restaurant) and lunch at the Waterman Poolside Bar The staff was happily at our service for our every need, even something as simple as our four year old forgetting his bag of ninja turtles in the car and the valet staff retrieving it for us.  We were given first class treatment by all the staff members, even though surely there were times we felt our kids, especially, didn’t deserve it.  Everything we could possibly need was attended to and as parents, we felt much more relaxed. You see, the things at home that would normally add up and then stress us out, were taken care of by the Windsor staff, so we could just enjoy being present and spending time as a family. 

Words of advice for parents:

If you are new to traveling with kids, remember this: just like us, kids need a little bit of time adjusting to change. Especially that first night you someplace new, so give your kids grace. They may be excited, anxious, scared- all of those feelings may result in changes in their behavior. Expect it, roll with it, and trust us, it’ll get better with time.  We promise you this: travel is where memories are made, families grow closer, and  that is something worth investing in. 

Hotel Highlight, Kids Edition... the pool!

Of course, according to any kid, no hotel is complete without a pool. And what is better than having a rooftop heated pool with food and drinks available at the Waterman Poolside Bar!? We spent an afternoon swimming in the pool- we ordered lunch, and the kids swam while we waited. It was easy to just swoop them out when their pizza arrived.  We all gobbled our lunch and were right back to swimming; even I went in, which never happens, but the pool was just that warm!

Overall, our entire hotel experience was top notch. I can imagine coming to New Orleans with a bunch of girlfriends, or on an anniversary trip without kids and staying at the Windsor Court Hotel.  I would just love to get all dressed up and have a fancy cocktail at The Grill Room.  Or sit by the pool soaking in the sun with a seltzer. I could see a bachelorette weekend or wedding party staying together at the hotel. Truly, the Windsor Court Hotel is perfect for any occasion!

If you are looking to travel to New Orleans with your kids, we would highly recommend the Windsor Court Hotel. Trust us when we say, it’s not easy to find accommodations for a family of 5 that meets all our criteria, but Windsor Court Hotel met each and every one of them.

*This may post contain sponsored or affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


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