Babymoon at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto

One week before baby, Matt and I decided to squeeze in a baby-moon to Toronto, especially after realizing that it’ll probably be at least a year before we will be able to do something like this again.  We made reservations for nothing less than the best, the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, and upgraded our stay for access to the Club Lounge.  Since the weather is so crummy in March, and me being 9 months pregnant, we figured we’d spend a lot of time in the hotel so why not make our stay there as easy and relaxing as possible.  The Club Lounge provides meals, snacks and top shelf drinks all day long, so it is nice to just go there and hang out whenever you want, no reservations needed. 
When we arrived, we also booked the Ritz-Carlton Afternoon Tea culinary experience which was so much fun.  The tea included a cocktail/mocktail, tea, an assortment of savory sandwiches and sweet desserts.  Everything was amazing and we could have sat there all afternoon enjoying a quiet meal just the two of us.  The staff was so kind and even sent a congratulations chocolate mousse dessert to our table for the baby and sent us home with a bag of gifts for our baby-moon including a little Ritz-Carlton rubber duck, their signature candle and bath bomb.  

This wasn’t the only gift we received, the hotel staff left more presents in our room for the baby including a Ritz bib and baby bath supplies and little treats to eat in case the “baby” got hungry at night.  J  In the lounge, a staff worker gave us a bag of cookies and snacks for our toddlers at home, it was soo sweet. 

At night we walked around town a little but I loved returning back to the Club Lounge, sipping tea (Matt a beer) while meeting new people and being served by the Club Lounge staff.  Sleep at the Ritz was amazing!  I’m not sure if all rooms do this, but they had a body pillow at the end of our bed for me and I have to say I slept HARD all night long and, for the first time in as long as I can remember, slept in until after 9:30am!!!  It was amazing and the perfect ending to my pregnancy. 

I really can’t say enough good things about the Ritz-Carlton as our experience is consistently top notch.  We always appreciate their attention to detail and going above and beyond to make our stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


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